2008-02-04 07:36:37 ET

Lars and I are going to run away to Canadia and get a civil union together and start a death metal trance band called Flying Hippocampus and become world-famous. We will own an expanse of land in Calgary with horses and a private Hatredcopter and will live industrially ever after.

2008-02-12 20:38:31 ET

Because Canadia is a nice and beautiful land...

2008-03-22 16:02:28 ET

omg can i go? i want to so badly run away to canadia

2008-03-23 07:02:44 ET

not if you're from the US; they'll turn you away! they don't want any new citizens!

2008-03-23 11:01:48 ET

We won't let you move up here?

I should go down to the Tim Horton's and talk to the Prime Minister about this...

2008-03-23 17:48:13 ET


Yeah like right after the "war" started, a lot of people in America wanted to emigrate but Canadia was like "uh no not unless you have family here".

2008-03-24 05:39:57 ET

Because if Canadia were to let Amaricans in then the terrorists have won... their long term goal is to have the States invade Canada in a non-violent fashion.

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