hot damn
2008-03-24 05:43:14 ET

i'm a-hurtin' today.

2008-03-24 05:50:28 ET

It's not fingernail marks... odd patterning for a whip...

what the heck was happening last night?

2008-03-24 07:16:20 ET

BIG whip.

2008-03-24 07:44:53 ET

Looks like good times to me :p

2008-03-24 11:37:05 ET

You should see the front!

2008-03-24 17:18:21 ET


2008-03-24 17:33:42 ET

We could see the front if you would post a picture of it...


2008-03-24 17:51:27 ET

....maybe. If you're good.

2008-03-24 17:57:01 ET

*balances his halo atop his horns again*

2008-03-25 02:50:22 ET

When they were good, they were great; but when they were bad, they were awful.

2008-03-25 17:58:48 ET


And this is from tonight:

2008-03-25 18:04:51 ET

I like your ink, the bruises are good too, and nice rack :p

2008-03-25 20:25:56 ET

Yeah, someone has very strong teeth and nails...


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