Lookie what I drew!
2002-08-02 15:42:08 ET

This is completely not my normal style of drawing. But I was inspired, insomnia overtook me, and well, what else was there to do? I am very happy with it.

Ever wonder where your kitty goes when it dies? It turns into a zombie!

2002-08-02 16:01:19 ET

Eeek.. I wouldnt want to run into that or the bunny on your backround in a dark alley somewheres..

Insomnia impregnates people then they give birth to the strangest things.. lol

2002-08-02 16:40:43 ET

The Bunny and the cat are in alliance with each other... against YOU!!

2002-08-02 16:41:50 ET

And it's all your fault..

2002-08-02 20:55:22 ET

Damn you and this evil you have unleashed!!! I must go and create a Doom add-on to combat this!

2002-08-03 17:08:21 ET

MWHAHAHAA nothing can defeat the ARTISTIC EVIL POWER of Letrasiant!!!

2002-08-05 08:40:46 ET

Except if we put you to sleep. Then all of your nightmarish creations will be put to rest!

2002-08-05 10:01:42 ET

Me? Sleep? Those two words are antonyms.

2002-08-06 12:53:43 ET

o.O you're undefeatable?!

2002-08-06 16:36:17 ET


2002-08-06 17:47:09 ET

No! I just didn't realized.. that we're doomed. Because of you!

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