2002-08-06 08:52:10 ET

DeviantART Site

2002-08-06 09:45:15 ET

Nice coloring job hehe I like it. =)

2002-08-06 16:38:07 ET

:D I'm glad you do! Now go to MY PINKBUNNY WEBSITE and see the pic again, props to you!

2002-08-06 17:50:16 ET

hehe props to you, it's ur bunny. *lewks @ the site*

2002-08-06 20:04:17 ET

NO my friend, it is props to YOU because YOU drew the picture!

2002-08-06 20:22:57 ET

NO! It's props to YOU for giving me something to draw For! Now shut up and eat your damn spaghettios or I'm going to call the soap monster to come and eat you alive with a side of crayons damnit! TAKE PROPS!! TAKE THEM! TAKE THEM NOW!!! And eat your spaghettios!!!!!!!!

2002-08-07 15:16:07 ET


*takes props*

2002-08-07 15:21:34 ET

lol cuz everyone but my mom luvs skettios. They're so good. I want some now. I'll get some someday... and sit and eat them... and because of this conversation, I will think of pink bunnies killing people. *nods*

2002-08-07 16:59:52 ET

hee... you have only seen the surface of the Bunny... just wait until you delve in deep...mwhehehee..mwhahahaha

and skettios are gud!

2002-08-08 00:24:39 ET

lol you=tres amusant

2002-08-08 09:06:34 ET


2002-08-08 09:44:42 ET

hehe ^.^ we're bilingual.

2002-08-08 11:28:50 ET

Maybe you are.. I am simply bi. ^^

2002-08-08 12:40:39 ET

Meeee too.

2002-08-08 14:38:43 ET

Maybe we are twins in disguise!

2002-08-08 16:40:19 ET

There's only one way to find out! Can you put your leg behind your head?

2002-08-08 18:50:22 ET

*hangs head* Sadly, no... I am not as sexy as you to be able to do that.

2002-08-09 06:35:29 ET

I didn't know you had to be sexy, I thought you had to be double jointed or something.

2002-08-09 09:10:52 ET

No.. any girl who can put their foot behind their head is just asking to be jumped. ^^

2002-08-10 20:24:20 ET

lol I showed my b/f that little talent. Needless to say... that's how I stayed for the next 5 minutes. ;-)

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