2002-08-09 09:09:37 ET

For the past week now I've been chased down by a mob of angry Trans-goths on Livejournal who think I'm homophobic because of a joke quiz I made. It gets taxing, laughing at how pathetic they all are. It's also amusing and in the same way sad that they are all being hypocritical when they act in the same fashion as the people they bash.

So I made a new quiz, devoid of all offense! Take it yourself and be amazed at how inoffensive it is! Go on, try it!!

Which Waste of Space Are You?

This pointless quiz was made by Xenianth!

2002-08-09 09:53:36 ET

HAHAHA. The best part about that quiz is that it doesn't work...

2002-08-09 11:21:43 ET

you are not cool enough to work it.

2002-08-09 12:00:56 ET

What is a "Trans-goth" anyway?

2002-08-09 12:46:52 ET

transexual goth
(which translates into snobby bitch heterophobe)

2002-08-09 12:51:11 ET

Yeah, that's just not right. If one complains about homophobia, and then is heterophobic...

2002-08-09 13:16:51 ET

Yess. This was my argument with them. But they are stupid.

2002-08-12 12:55:47 ET

Can I have a link to this live journal arguement so that I may laugh with you?

2002-08-12 18:23:00 ET

I changed the SheMale answer to the quiz to appease them... and spite them!


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