2002-09-15 06:15:10 ET


2002-09-15 06:31:15 ET

Heya! I love your art! pinkbunny is cool. *fear* .. . I know one too many people are are infatuated with bunnies (e.g. mavetgoth) There is something wrong with the world.

2002-09-15 06:50:02 ET

i like the cadbury bunny the best. because he says cluck.

hows college ?

2002-09-15 07:17:35 ET

Bunnies are wonderful. Especially if they are wielding projectile weapons.

College is good as well. My friends and I shaved my head up to my temples, so now I am MORE RIVET THAN EVER RAARRGGH!!@ Everybody loves me here. As they do in the rest of the world. I am that wonderful.

2002-09-15 07:33:15 ET

lol! heh, you're cool.

2002-09-20 12:12:08 ET

thats great. i just cut my hair (it was full length down past my waist) like 3 weeks ago.. did the uber short corporate bob but i had to shave under, i couldnt resist.. it feels super good under water.. esp. cold water... *goosebumps*

2002-09-21 06:56:45 ET

You were just trying to be cool like me. I think you failed. Now go off in a corner and cut yourself over and over.

2002-09-21 15:46:19 ET

no i think i'll go listen to the cure and write a poem about it instead :p

2002-09-21 15:49:34 ET

heh heh. That's sooooo gothhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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