ok ok ok...
2002-10-29 07:25:26 ET

While I have the time, I might as well update this thing for real.

1) There is a new member here on Subkultures, it is my boyfriend! His name is Jonathan and his username is chiasticslide, if you are ub3r enough you will know what that means. He hasn't made any journal posts yet, but that's because he's lazy (like me). I'll bop him a good one soon enough though and you'll all get to read his words of wonder.

2) All of my online quizzes will be temporarily down until further notice! Due to bandwidth restrictions, I was forced to take them off my page for a little bit, but I'll find some other place in which to put them and I'll have all of you fine quiz-takers redirected there. But don't count on it being too soon, for I have important business-like things to take care of for the moment, like BS-ing English papers and barely skimming through Art History readings.

3) I am head over heels IN LOVE with VNV Nation! I have been listening to them constantly and I must say that right now they are my favourite band. Besides Tool, of course. Liking this band does not seem befitting to my Rivet status, but I make up for that by not giving a shit.


2002-10-29 11:52:28 ET

Know what your page needs? More CSS-y coolness than the template originally provided. Go forth!

2002-10-30 15:25:36 ET

I don't know how to make that stuff. Teach me, Oh Faint!!

2002-10-30 17:06:58 ET

K, follow me:
Type "CSS" -- but make sure to put it in angle brackets. Voila! You have a full-featured CSS page with everything you want on it! Like, supreme, or something!

Also, you might wanna learn MRML (Mind-Reading Markup Language). It's quite useful, especially for journal-type situations.

2002-11-01 05:11:59 ET


I am God now! Thank you!

2002-11-01 11:23:26 ET

Shit, the student has become the master...

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