2002-11-23 08:06:28 ET

I've realized...
That there are a lot of people out there who look uncannily like me. Some of whom I am acquaintances with. There have always been enough differences in little facial features to tell that yeah, we really don't look that much alike, though.

But today... this one sorta-friend of mine that I havent' seen in a very long time posted a picture of herself on her Livejournal, and I almost fell over backwards. She looked exactly like me. Even my boyfriend thought it was me.


2002-11-23 08:52:51 ET

You actually look a lot like my first girlfriend. When I first saw your picture I thought "Whoah, she looks just like Ellen".

2002-11-23 14:07:22 ET

ACK! It continues!

2002-11-25 21:40:11 ET

na. you're cuter than most.

2002-11-25 21:40:24 ET

wait...did i say most? i meant all.

2002-11-26 06:25:57 ET



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