My Muse...
2002-11-26 19:12:47 ET

Sitting here at home, alone, shivering in the unaccustomed cold and bored out of my mind, my thoughts have wandered over many things, the dominant of which being my love Jonathan. It seems that it is during times like this, when I am unable to be with my love, that I realize the full extent of my affections. Of my devotion.

Jon, I love you so much. You can have no idea of the enormity with which I feel for you; you are everything to me. You have brought me out of a dark pit in which I had been wallowing for a long time, helped me climb partway out of it to experience some happiness that I hadn't felt in too long. You're continuing to be there for me when I struggle, slip in my rocky, dark pit. You have stood by me, unjudging, as I learn how to trust again, learn how to love.

I can't imagine a better life than the one I'm living with you right now. I miss you so much, and anticipate when we go back to our dorms and cuddle on my bed again. ^_^

I love you, Jon.

2002-11-26 19:17:28 ET

i love you, too.
can't wait for sunday, love...

2002-11-26 20:26:30 ET

You forgot to include EMOHEARTS.

2002-11-27 07:39:27 ET


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