Look ma, I am cool
2002-12-10 19:53:52 ET

I changed my page around. Now it is superior to all others. You will bow before me. NOW!

2002-12-10 19:58:54 ET

::bow bow bow::


2002-12-10 20:02:14 ET

hmm, you'll have to do a bit more to get me to bow :P

2002-12-10 22:08:54 ET

your backround kicks my ass :)

2002-12-11 02:49:34 ET

I don't see the change.

2002-12-11 09:15:53 ET

That is because you haven't admitted me to the AEAS.

2002-12-11 11:22:51 ET

I'm not in charge.

2002-12-17 16:26:10 ET

I even changed my page around today.

Page looks good! :)

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