hello world, i will destroy you today.
2002-12-27 18:48:55 ET

I don't have much to say except that yeah, I personall liked The Two Towers, and yeah, I'm prolly gonna see it another 7 times over break.

For XMas I got the DVD of Lilo and Stitch!! It is my favourite movie and makes me cry every time that I see it. GO SEE THE MOVIE!! It is the best. Lilo is exactly like I was when I was young and Stitch is just badass. sigh... Disney has become corrupt...

2002-12-27 20:11:31 ET

I love your avatar. That looks a lot like my mew. :)

2002-12-28 08:45:30 ET

Thank you! That is Lucy, my kitty of death.. and, um, cuddling.

2002-12-28 19:45:19 ET

yes, your kitty is very cutsie. i love that cat, even if she is a bit flighty...perhaps she will warm up to me when i stay?

2002-12-28 20:25:05 ET

I think she will. You WILL be sleeping in her napping room, after all :P

2003-01-05 10:15:40 ET

kitty!!!!!the eyes are huge! <3

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