it's that time again
2003-01-08 15:16:53 ET

Wow, I haven't updated in a while.

My website is now finally completed and revamped; it is kickasstastic so I suggest that EVERYONE out there go and visit it. And look at my artwork. And go to

I just had the most wonderful five days of my life! Jonathan came over and visited me, and spend time with me and cuddled with me! :D This makes me very happy. But I am also sad now, because he is gone, over 3 hours away, and I will not be able to see him again until 3 weeks from now when we go back to collegeland. :( I'm sure I will survive, though.

I got a bunch of FREE Celldweller stickers! They are everywhere on my computer now. I am supposed to be distributing the stickers so that the band will get more recognition, but I live in a small town with old people who watch Wheel of Fortune all day so I'll either sell the stickers or keep them all for myself (mwhahaha...). I will be getting 3, count em, t-h-r-e-e copies of the new Celldweller CD when it comes out so if anyone wants to buy one for $10, you can get in contact with M-E.

I watched Signs today with my sister, and let me tell you, I am GLAD I did not watch that in a dark and empty room or I would have literally peed my pants and then the sofa would have been ruined. That is a FREAKY movie but also kind of funny. I have my own tin foil hat.

That is about it for now, hear from me again in about a month! :D

2003-01-08 23:19:32 ET

oh i wanna see signs. it was good huh?! your kitty makes me smile huge, my what big eyes she has:D

2003-01-09 12:47:41 ET

Signs was good; though FREAKY.

And my cat's eyes are so big because she is afraid of everything and therefore always has a scared expression on her face, causing the enlarged eyes. She's a cutie though.

2003-01-09 17:26:53 ET

i like the eyes! my cat maddy gets those big wild eyes too:D i like when shes wild! you kittys a pretty fer sure. i just rented signs.

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