2003-02-08 14:52:34 ET

I just got the new Celldweller cd a couple days ago...

...and OH MY GOD I am amazed at the talent that Klayton possesses! My favourite song by far is "The Last Firstborn" followed closely by "Afraid This Time". Wow. It has a lot more of an electronic feel than I had originally thought it would, and he handles the sound perfectly. This cd is electronica/metal perfection.

I am in love. <3

2003-02-08 14:55:38 ET

Celldweller is great.

2003-02-09 08:35:37 ET

I know this.

2003-02-09 12:17:46 ET

my spoon is too big.

2003-02-09 14:02:52 ET

Tuesday's coming, did you bring your coat?

2003-02-09 14:51:31 ET

I live in a giant bucket.

2003-02-09 18:42:37 ET

Everybody dance!

2003-02-09 19:02:28 ET

*traditional swedish folk song plays*


2003-02-10 05:00:11 ET

My anus.... is BLEEDING!!

2003-02-10 15:36:41 ET

my anus is BLEEEDING!!

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