2003-03-17 13:48:46 ET

why do i even bother anymore? yess, this is your average depression/self-hate post again. but really, everything i do seems to not matter in the long run, so why even try to make my life better?

i try to lose weight, i gain twenty pounds. i try to make friends, i alienate myself from the whole college. i attempt to create some ties with my roomate, she chooses to live somewhere else next year. why bother??

i've reached a point where it seems that every action i make turns itself around to bite me in the ass. so i'm just not going to try anymore. fuck it. fuck people, fuck college, fuck life. i'm through with everyone. they never did anything for me. screw you, human race.

2003-03-17 19:51:39 ET

hey. you try. when you stop trying, you're abandoning even the chance of bettering yourself. if you stop, imma bitch at you until you feel motivated enough to get going again.

2003-03-19 13:34:00 ET

I know the feeling. :-( But it does get better...It really does.

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