2003-04-07 05:36:30 ET

I haven't made a real conversation-causing post in some time. I think I will.... NOW!

I love Eddie Izzard. If you've never heard of the bloke, he's a stand up transvestite British comedian, and he's done some of the funniest things I've ever seen. I swear, if all transvestites are as funny and good-natured as Izzard is, then well by golly I wanna move to San Fransisco!

What is it with me and homosexuals/transexuals/transvestites? It's not like I can date them or anything (even if I wasn't taken); I mean they obviously don't like women. I take that back-- transvestites DO date women, mainly the Executive Transvestites, but that's beside my point. WHY am I so interested in them? WHY do I watch gay porn? WHY am I obsessed with men with long hair? WHY am I talking in parallel structure?

I think the thing is, I'm a gay inside. While on the outside, I am a fat, tomboy, bisexual girl, deep down inside I am secretly gay. If I were a guy, I'd date guys exclusively. Why? Because the whole guy-guy thing appeals to me. And I think I have an answer as to why:

Penis envy.

Yess, I am horribly, horribly addicted to cock. I love 'em-- just ask any ex-boyfriend (or my current one, for that matter). I love to look at them, play with them, love them. I wish I had one. I've seriously considered having one attached in addition to what I already have, when I get older. But that's a forlorn dream. Am I a freak for being like this? Should I be placed in some sort of mental institution, all wrapped up like a tight bundle and put in a cushy room? I don't know. All I know is, I have penis envy, and I love transvestites.

2003-04-07 05:52:56 ET

I love cock too. :-D
I have severe cockenvy too.
They just seem so much more fun than pussies...

I think I'm weird too.

2003-04-29 22:00:05 ET

Well, I don't get the guy-on-guy sex thing, but I do always think that two guys making out is pretty hot. And very cute/endearing. So... yeah. Add me to the weird list.

2003-04-30 05:31:26 ET

*adds, takes note*

2004-12-17 08:37:10 ET

sexuality is really complitcated. I struggled with mine for a long time. I always used to think about being a guy just so i could date certain girls, but i'll really a girly girl who likes girly girl girls, really tough guys, and everything in between. its such a big part of my idenity that's so hard to explore. guys making out is hot, espically that scene with the threesome in y tu mama tambien.

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