i need a hobby
2003-07-09 17:52:15 ET

Can pork rinds taste any better? The answer is NO!

2003-07-09 18:11:40 ET

drowned them in sexual fluids and alcoholic beverages.

2003-07-10 06:11:08 ET

Yeeaahh.... you go try that. Tell me how it turns out.

2003-07-10 08:18:34 ET

hehe, I was kidding silly.

2003-07-10 10:46:55 ET

I know this.

2003-07-10 11:01:53 ET

good :D

2003-07-16 18:14:18 ET

Ehh.. Katsup pork rinds would be an excellent Canadian addition.. That and fetus.

2003-07-16 20:01:55 ET

mmm.. fetus rinds...

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