Unleash the Bastards
2007-03-22 21:36:01 ET

so today is taylors birthday,and she's finnaly 18.her dad actually let her leave without a fight,there wasnt even a too nasty exchange of words.to be honest,i was kind of dissapointed.this man makes her life a living hell for 18 years and then just lets her go??i donno....shes really really happy tho.took her to go her tounge pierced w/ her mom.the piercer isnt the guy i usueally go to,and he was being an asshole about her navel ring.she not that good at taking care of her self.but she didnt seem to notice,so i didnt call him on it.it was tottaly unnecissary(sp?) and he was acting as though she were a small child...very unprofessinal,i think he was just trying to show out in front of the girl he was training...
oh well.
tomorow's her party,and that'll be fun.then saturday i'll prolly hang out with my boy,after i beat him for his latest little acid binge.dumb boy.
can't sleep and i'm lurking the internet.what fun
listening to municipal waste.hope i spelled that right.

2007-03-23 07:36:27 ET

Sorry I'm late, but welcome to SK.

2007-03-23 13:23:07 ET

thank you

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