Memphis is burning
2007-03-27 13:30:08 ET neighbors house is on fire,right now.not a bad one,just their back mom saw the smoke and started screaming for my brothers to runover there and check it out.they offerd to help put it out,but they said they had it under control,so,whatever.
fire makes me think of my AP photography portfolio thats due in a week,and the subsequent $85 that i have to pay for it.fuck.
i've only got 12 pics so far(i need 24.12 for my concentration and 12 for my breath,bredth, the fuck ever you spell it)i've changed my concentraion 3 times already,cause i just can't wrap my head around the idea of "design".first,it was light and shadow,then it was contrast,now its perspective.i'd really just like to tell them its bullshit and move on,i'll save that for the artist statement.perspective should be really easy,and my breath is no prob.i should prolly be worrying about this,but im not.especially considering that once ive got this all turned in im dropping out of school and getting my you think i'm retarded,right?
i love the look on peoples faces when i tell them this,its always a mixture of profound confusion and then a little sadness.perhaps i should take it as a complement,but it just pisses me off.i dont want to have to do that...i'd love to graduate with my friends and do all that time-honored shit.but,i've been essentually screwed out of an education and if i stayed in school i wouldnt graduate till i was at least 20.fuck that.i'm not stupid,i just cant read you bastards.or do math.oh well.
i want to start in the spring at a technical school or mabey if i'm lucky an actual college.for the tenn. hope scholorship all i need is a 26 on my ACT and high entrance and GED test scores.i've got a 25,i've only taken it once and tests are pretty easy for me.
i'd really love to leave memphis for college.i dont care if its only community college at first,but as long as i'm not stuck here i'd be happy.i dont care how hard it'd be in a new city.i've done the whole poor/homeless thing,its not something im new too and its not something i could'nt handle.
watchin lord of the rings:3,and i only half understand whats going on...

2007-03-27 18:39:14 ET

i graduated, and all i'm doing is going to a tech school to do hair...and the funny thing is, alot of these university and college kids stuck at school for 4 years tell me, "man, i wish i would have just done that." cause by the end of the year, i'm done and can get my cosmetology license and have a job...and not have to wear a business suit everyday to it!

2007-03-28 18:21:38 ET

hahahaha,exactly.thats a really good career too.i hope it goe well for you

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