skins,punx,and drunx
2007-03-31 09:54:58 ET

it's raining,and i love it.i'm never so happy as when its a warm rainy day,with the promise of a good fight.and oh,how i love a good fight.
yea,some shit went down between me and this other chick thats kind of a friend-by-default(i.e. she hangs with some mutual friends,and dates this kid who's like a brother to me)
long story short she made the mistake of talking(more like screaming)shit to alyssa,then made the mistake of taking a swing at me when i got in her face and told her to shut the fuck up.just about the only smart thing the bitch did was run away after she swung at me.which may not have been too smart,because now i can plan what i'm going to do to her.
what makes me so fucking mad is that she's blaming her actions on medication.not even real medication,but birth control.i'm sorry,but if your stupid enough to start a fight with someone you know will kick your ass,then dont blame it on anything other than a lapse in judgement.had she said "i'm sorry" to BOTH of us and not blamed it on some bullshit,then we'd be cool.
but she did it,and honestly,i've been looking for an excuse to beat her ass for a while(oh,ever since she started going out with my friend)so,yea.the first chance i will be great ^___^

in case you haven't noticed,i'm something of a redneck.
got lars fredrickson and the bastards stuck in my head.
and i just found out fucking iggy pop is coming.hellyes,this day just keeps getting better!

2007-04-01 17:47:39 ET

hey, dont feel bad. you should hear how i talk sometimes. my accent is so thick you need a chainsaw to get through it.

2007-04-02 02:25:15 ET

i only bust out the accent every once in a while

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