Hell Yes
2007-04-11 22:10:57 ET

finnaly,some good news!!!
wittles just got accepted at suicide girls!!!!
fuck yes,i am so happy for her,she so fucking excited,but shes tryin not to get her hopes up
wtf?she's fucking gorgeous,and a great model
this is only the first round of selections,but she made it immediatly
which is almost unherd of

ahahahaha,i'm so very happy for her

i'm going to be applying soon,tho i know i wont get in as fast as her,if at all.

^____^ happy fucking birthday to me,and go wittles!!!

2007-04-11 22:14:02 ET

happy bday

2007-04-11 22:50:57 ET

Happy Birthday!

2007-04-12 02:34:20 ET


2007-04-12 03:48:19 ET

Happy Birfday!

2007-04-12 06:24:54 ET

Is it really your birthday? Or do you just want one of my famous strip teases?

*assumes you say it really is*

Yeah, right, but hey, here you go anyways.

Happy birthday!
*tosses confetti and does a strip tease*

2007-04-12 08:11:58 ET

yes it's really my b-day
and thank you very much
sweet....lap dance!

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