2007-04-17 12:15:15 ET

you boys can be dumb as fuck,you know that??

right now i'm hating on the entire gender.

i need...
i donno what i need...
perhaps a healthy dose of E and an adventure.
thats it,i need to go find an adventure and roll my ass off.
it'll tottaly make everything better.
until the morning after,of course.
mabey i'll do that the night i break up with the indian,so i won't feel it immediatly...


2007-04-17 12:44:09 ET

Yeah, we can. But I'm pretty sure it's what keeps the girlies coming back :)

2007-04-17 12:49:57 ET


2007-04-17 14:32:33 ET

Did you and him already make up or what :P

2007-04-17 21:03:08 ET

there was no making up to be done,i consider cheating one of the worst things you can do to someone.
took me this long to finnaly decide to breakup.i was tryin to figure out another way of makin it work,and it won't

2007-04-17 21:22:40 ET

Yeah, I agree. Once the trust is gone it's really hard to get back, and it's not always worth working for.

Oh well, I think you're cute so I'm glad to hear you're single and I can hit on you :P

2007-04-17 21:32:58 ET

thank you?

2007-04-17 21:56:45 ET

You're welcome!

2007-04-20 02:41:00 ET

oh god, we should totally take some rolls and walk around beale(sp) street!

2007-04-20 22:40:29 ET

YES!i'm so down for that

2007-04-21 02:29:09 ET

hell yea. i have next saturday off and i'm gonna see if i can have sunday off too so i can try to plan a trip over there

2007-04-21 23:57:55 ET

sweet.i can't wait.

2007-04-22 02:17:39 ET

but if not this weekend, i'm gonna be taking a personal day and then my day off another weekend this spring. so either way, sooooooooooooon

2007-04-22 13:37:52 ET


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