2007-05-03 20:37:03 ET

you know,generally when you allow someone to live in your home rent free,you'd think they'd be a little apreciative....
mabey say thank you or something...
NOT try to molest you in your fucking sleep,and play it off as an "accedent"

my friend tj started staying at my place recently...
it was a bit akward,but i thought,whatever,you know?weve been friends forever...

yea,woke up yesterday to him on top of me
and when i fliped,he said he "didn't see me there" didnt see me in the bed i sleep in every night... didnt see me when you were trying to place yourself between my legs AS I WAS SLEEPING?!?!


i wana kill

2007-05-03 20:39:16 ET

its time for him to go

2007-05-03 20:42:16 ET

i kicked his ass out that morning

2007-05-03 21:04:45 ET

good, to risky to keep around

2007-05-03 21:23:50 ET

i should have kicked his ass

2007-05-03 21:30:51 ET

it would have been warranted

2007-05-05 08:53:42 ET

Yeah, that's totally fucked up.

I've been watching those sexual predator shows on MSNBC and I SWEAR they all must be psychopaths (well, duh, but read on...) Like one second they're chatting it up with a girl they think is 13, saying things implying they're going to have sex with them, then the host of the show walks out and they're just like "Hi, how are you?" all happy, flappy and shit. Weird's me out!!!!!

Yeah, if I had a personal jet I'd totally fly out and 'de-man' him for you. I hear you can get 40k for a testicle...

2007-05-05 21:34:29 ET

thank you

2007-05-05 21:37:02 ET

...are you into anime?

2007-05-05 21:42:24 ET


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