oh,the irony...
2007-05-08 21:04:24 ET

you know...there really is something to be said about karma
i just never thought it would be in the form of a big red pick-up truck and my poor friend andrew...

i wrote a while ago about this dumb bitch who couldnt keep her mouth shut and decided to take a swing at me one day,right?

yea,in keeping with her dumb bitch ways,she fucking steped out in front of my friend andrews truck today(like,one of thouse unnecissarily huge ford ones that you literaly have to climb into)he was only going about 15 mph,but that was enough to bounce her off the hood/bumper and snap her leg in two

that bitch is in fucking traction right now...
can't wait for the drug tests to come back(she was on speed and E this weekend)


i'm sorry that i find all of this so amusing,but she really did fucking diserve it.and the body cast she'll hopefully be in...

ironically we were the first to the hospital to make sure she was ok
and apparently she begged my mother(who was at the school when it happend,and had come up to check on them both)to ride in the ambulance with her

though,its funny,cause she claims she can't remeber us being there to see her,and yet she was lucid enouh to beg the paramedics not to tell her mom she had her nipples pierced,and to be a compleate bitch to our friend anna...

but,eh,doesnt matter
i didnt really expect her to admit that even though i dont fucking like her i still care enough to make sure shes ok,because shes,you know,human...

no one seems to grasp this concept
it was the right thing to do,no matter my personal feelings tword her
no one should go through that alone

but man,honestly,when we walked in the emergency room and her head was in that brace,and her leg was in that metal thingy,and she was crying hysterically...it was everything i had not to laugh.alot.

because im just not a very good person

2007-05-08 22:39:17 ET

lol You seem like such a figher...so much passion.

2007-05-09 00:27:55 ET


2007-05-09 01:09:32 ET

Mmm, there's nothing wrong with that. I couldn't imagine being scaterred and getting hit by a truck though... would be a bad weekend.

2007-05-09 14:08:40 ET


2007-05-22 04:47:15 ET

lol i hate to admit it..ok i dont...id love to admit, there are a couple people that if that happened to i would get some enjoyment out of it, but like u, make sure they get the help they need...dont want karma coming back on you for not helping :)

really though... let me know when your friend andrew is near orlando fl with his truck hehe

2007-05-22 15:14:29 ET

oh yea
you'll be the first to know

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