2007-05-30 21:18:45 ET

I'm quickly becoming more and more disilousiond(sp?) with the internet,and life in general...

lately nothing has made me happy

nothing seems really worth it

i'm by no means in a "oh-god-i'm-gonna-kill-myself" mood

i'd just really really like for one of the things i try for to turn out ok

for one person to be compleatly honest with me

for one of these dumb boys to not be so dumb...
seems we girls arn't the only ones who play games....

and,oh the petty high school myspace drama...

what i'd really love is for one of thouse fuckers to say it to my face...and not literaly run away from me when they see me coming...



just...not in a very good place right now...mentally speaking...
and everything i try to do to make it better only seems to be making it worse

i donno what to do

2007-05-31 02:46:52 ET

sounds to me like yer bored :)

2007-05-31 12:37:12 ET

None of those things will ever change. People will always be morons. There will always be drama. Just try not to let it "get you down".

2007-05-31 19:08:57 ET

i'm not bored,theres far too much that i need to be doing

and i know that itll never change,i still wish it would though

2007-06-03 06:36:14 ET

think of it like this, all those people talking shit are pussies. they wont say it to you cause they're scared. when you see them in person call them "chicken shit" of something like that. and if ur lucky you'll get one of them to actually grow a pair and fight you. violence RULES!!!

2007-06-04 14:49:29 ET


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