2007-07-04 10:13:16 ET

it the 4th of july

what better way to celebrate out country(for better or worse) than with a little illegal drinking,a little illegal smoking,and a whole lot of illegal explosives?

fuck yea,having a cookout

can't wait

i've had all week off
its fucking great
went to GWAR last night
fucking amazing,as usual
still a lil fucked


happy 4th you guys

2007-07-04 11:19:25 ET

damn, i wish those assholes (gwar) would come to arkansas for a change. i mean, fuck, it's just one state over!

2007-07-05 12:30:24 ET

Booze + explosives = ALWAYS a good combination.

2007-07-05 13:46:47 ET

hahaaha,why dont you just drive up to memphis for them?

and yes,it was a damn good combination

2007-07-10 09:41:49 ET

well, i would...but i have no license.

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