time warp?
2007-07-13 11:05:23 ET

going to rocky horror tonight
with my boy

prolly the last time ill see him for a very long while

that while leaving for the army thing kinda getting in the way of our hang out time

i feel bad about this,i really really do...
but,i cant wait till he goes

i find relationships smothering
and he could really use some military dicipline

i dont agree with the war,or his enlistment
but its done and over with,nothing i can do except sit back and hope to hell he doesnt die

i donno what to do about that whole situation...
its mainly a proxy thing for me
i worry about all that so i dont have to worry about everything else thats going on

fun fun
im gonna miss him though

2007-08-02 03:22:55 ET

that's sad, ... too bad none of my girl friends never joined the army.. you lucked out.

2007-08-10 06:02:44 ET

yea...its horrible ><<BR> eh,oh well...

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