2007-07-22 13:06:02 ET


i cut my hair

got my nipples pierced with cierra

got two new jobs,possibly three(to tottal it out to 4 jobs)

and we're looking for a new room mate

eventful eventful week for me

i need a nap

2007-07-22 17:54:34 ET

Can I see the nipple piercing? >:)

2007-08-02 03:21:16 ET

bad ass you live in Memphis (or do you?) .. I've been looking into moving there, you should tell me if it's an okay idea or not.

2007-08-10 06:02:05 ET

no its not.its cheap,and there aer some ok people here,but the bullshit youve got to put up with isnt work it

2007-08-16 16:13:22 ET

sorry for the slow responce. What would the main thing be.. err.. bad thing? .. like, what kind of shit does a normal person have to deal with day to day?

2007-08-19 16:08:07 ET

well,our local government is just about as courrupt as you can get,in turn making everything even remotly related to the government worthless,public transportation and the power company being the worst.memphis is number 1 in the country for eviction and homelessness(having been evected,and subsequently homeless twice myself)the people themselfs are increadibly racist and closeminded...
the schools here fuckin suck.the majority of the city is poverty level or lower...
its a big city,without the big city inteligence you useually find...
you'd be better off in new orleans or chicago

2007-08-19 17:26:08 ET

damn... I am not really down with a lot of that..
shitty to hear how they encourage homelessness as .. well, I've been homeless enough for my life time. hah.. shitty.

also, I don't actually use this thing (sk) much, but you seem cool so I am going to add you to my friends list.

2007-08-20 14:32:33 ET

haha yea

hooray for new friends

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