one last kiss to send us off
2007-09-11 13:15:37 ET

oh man,text message break-ups are the best

could anyone explain to me what a cold hearted cooze is,exactly?

i am going to enjoy being single emminsly

think i might get shit faced this weekend

hope i dont drunk dial him,though if i do he prolly wont remeber,him being a junky and all


go see shoot em up

2007-09-11 22:42:20 ET

A cold-hearted cooze?
Ask an Australian.

2007-09-11 23:57:42 ET

So what did you call him? (it better be good!) jk/

also, I have actually kind of gotten some stuff kind of ready for sending off the computer. I know, it sounds bad, it's not that bad. I swear. hah... one good day of not drinking should really do it.

- also, dating junkies isn't cool. they always fuck shit up. :-S

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