gone baby,gone....
2007-09-30 09:57:17 ET

had a crazy fun weekend...

sarah was in town,so we partied it up

friday night was an impromptu party at my place,because we got kicked out of the frat party we showed up to(you ever had one of thouse moments where you walk into a room and everyone turns and stares?yea...)

saturday we went to rivergate(street racing spot)before that we met up w some people at this bar around the corner,and a friend of cierras was discussing suspenison.we talked and i might join his suspension team,they really wanted a girl to join,but i gotta see how profesinol they are first...

and now im working...

and its lame

and im tiered

and still a little fucked up

i need more weekends like this

2007-10-08 17:16:28 ET

man.. that suspension stuff freaks me out so bad.

good to hear your weekend went well. mine was crazy as fuck.

2007-10-09 07:21:50 ET

you enjoy san fransico?

2007-11-05 18:40:15 ET

yeah.. it was bad ass . I miss it

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