The Devilís Takiní Names...
2007-10-02 15:40:32 ET

i found out yesterday that my father,who i have never really spoken to and only met once(in a court room when i was 16) and whom compleatly denies my existance,recently adopted his girlfriends two children...

now,this on its own sucks...

add to the mix,though,that said father is a convicted child molestor...

how,exactly,was he able to adopt children?

well,'round here,back in the day,if you were caught molesting children you were givin a choice of jail or the military...

guess which one he picked?

and,'round here,charges like that don't travil state to state....
so,all he had to do was move to mississippi and find himself a little wifey with two precious little girls...

this makes me sick

i feel like i should be doing something about this...
he's going to destroy thouse little girls lives
and their mother is too godamned coked up to even fucking care
his(my?) family is exceptinal at turning a blind eye
(his father sat and stared at me for two hours outside the courtroom,untill i got up,screamed "stareing at me won't make me go away" and left)

i dont fucking know what to do about all this

2007-10-02 16:16:15 ET

All I Can Do... *HUGS*
And... I hope this all gets better for you (and the other girls)

2007-10-02 17:17:56 ET

Motherfuckers like that don't deserve second chances.

2007-10-02 19:46:19 ET

omg. keep us updated.
i hope those girls end up ok somehow.

2007-10-02 21:10:06 ET

I'd like to send him a postcard. It'd make me feel good. It could say, "fuck you" etc.

2007-10-03 05:34:10 ET

How sweet.

2007-10-03 07:01:34 ET

thank you

2007-10-08 17:17:06 ET

god damn.

If I lived within a hundred mile radius of that guy I'd seriously fuck his life up

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