oh snap!
2007-10-11 10:51:44 ET


got to see the motherfucking Koffin Kats last night

best show i've seen in a rrreeeaaallllllyyyyy long time

they we're insane,and such nice fucking guys

they were super cool,considering they thought we were 16

i had a whole lotta fun last night,i really needed that night

i got proposed too by a boy with a monroe piercing,and the guy who owns the tattoo shop round the corner from my house huged me good by and then wouldn't let go.kept trying to wisper shit in my ear,but he was drunk,so it came out more like"uh um oh god,your hot,im drunk,oh god" and so on and so forth.



super fun night.
almost got into a fight twice with two diffrent guys,both trying to talk to my friends.

i could use a good brawl though

blew out my left ear,its all bloody and gross.

passed my GED

my lil bro turned 16 yesterday

i'm in an insainly good mood today.

ver rare very rare.


how was your day?

2007-10-11 10:53:33 ET

I almost killed myself last night.

2007-10-11 10:53:54 ET


2007-10-11 10:56:46 ET

I didn't really. You asked how my day was and other than being up since 5 am doing schoolwork and smoking cigs it aint too bad. About to leave for work.

2007-10-11 11:06:07 ET

Dude I still have a book you left in my car and some wierd makeup brush thing wich i threw away like an hour ago.

2007-10-11 11:22:43 ET

i dont really care about the makeup thingy.
what book did i leave?

2007-10-11 11:26:43 ET

'50 things your not supposed to know" Everyone that comes over ends up reading it.

2007-10-12 09:02:19 ET

shit that was a long time ago
we should hang out soon so i can get it back

2007-10-12 09:04:33 ET

Man, you're gonna have to wait till january most likely unless you wanna drive out here and pick me up one day.

2007-10-13 10:00:48 ET

we can do that.
i dont drive,but whit and cierra do.
what are u doin on the 27th?
we're having a halloween party

2007-10-13 10:03:52 ET

no idea. hit me up when 27th gets closer ill check my work schedule.

2007-10-13 15:39:37 ET


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