2007-10-16 20:49:29 ET

did insainly well on my ged

now im eligible for a full ride scholorship to the college of my choosing

got my cheeks pierced

i loves them.

went to theripy,was told i didnt need it,I "just needed to learn how to live",she then alluded to my needing to experiment with drugs and drive faster....


then she wants to see me next week?

i'll prolly never go back.

she told me to pick up and move.she was amazed at my acceptance of all the shit ive been through.she mentioned medication.

i'm in a funny mood and i havent slept enough in a very long time.

2007-10-16 21:06:35 ET

was getting your ged hard?

2007-10-16 21:11:26 ET

By college of your choosing...just where, exactly, do you mean?

2007-10-17 12:27:16 ET

easy as hell...

im almost positive its just in tennessee.
but if not then prolly chicago
or mabey cali.

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