2007-10-22 15:07:46 ET

broke my goddamned phone in half this morning...

quit one of my jobs,so i dont have enough to get a new one any time soon.

tryin real hard to find another one,but the cheek piercings are kinda getting in the way,which i understand...

had a really good guy friend of mine recently decide to "give up" on me,because he was "getting no where".meaning i wasn't going to fuck him.

he procedes to let me know this by posting it on fucking myspace...

then he talks shit about one of my best friends in the same blog,i belive the phrase he used was "i'm so glad i dont hit women"...

4 days before he goes back into active duty in the army.

been having a really shitty few weeks

2007-11-05 18:45:04 ET

god damn.

2007-11-06 16:40:10 ET


2007-11-07 17:14:40 ET

if it makes you feel any better, I've lost friends because I didn't want to date them.... heh..

2007-11-08 10:27:08 ET

every body goes trough it i know,but...
i donno,just didnt really expect it from that one,he was supposed to be one of the good ones

2007-11-10 08:59:40 ET

That's really sad.

2007-11-10 12:23:42 ET


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