2007-11-03 17:02:26 ET

halloween for the most part sucked.

dressed as wonder woman,went to my friends schools party,an art school,almost got into a fight there.laughed at kyle cause one of the boys fancied him.trick or treated.

i left this morning at 4 am for texas with cierra with only $2.53,4 cigs,and a change of clothes...

shes moving here and i just rode along,gonna catch a greyhound back.

we got lost in the middle of arkansas and i was convinced we would meet our untimly demise in the middle of bumfuck arkansas because we couldn't find the highway everyone was directing us too.(i was convinced it was just something the locals told young stupid tourists to trap them and that we wopuld end up beatin raped and eatin.i do not like the country)

2007-11-05 18:43:34 ET

hahaha,, I always give people god awful directions...
I don't mean, to, it just kind of happens. oh yeah.. I live in the country.. like, mega bum fuck egypt

2007-11-06 16:40:57 ET

how do you stand it?
i'd kill myself for lack of anything to do

2007-11-07 06:49:19 ET

haha, i live in the country...the arkansas country to be exact. i've never been raped. at least not that i can remember.

2007-11-07 17:19:02 ET

I think living out here for so long has *probably* caused some* social abnormalities in me... but, meh, what can you do? ..
as for how I stand it? .. I have more hobbies than you can think of. (3). j.k .. really, everything I am into, I am completely obsessive compulsive with, .. I guess it's better than nothing.
this is how fucked it is, I don't have a friend closer than 30 miles away. fucked eh.?

2007-11-08 10:30:57 ET

compleatly fucked.if i couldnt walk every where i live i'd die.

and arkansas,your a boy,and not an obviouse tourist.and i've seen way too many horror movies

2007-11-08 14:07:47 ET

haha. arkansas aint that bad. we just have lots of rednecks that dont exactly speak english.

2007-11-08 15:01:31 ET


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