2007-11-07 04:47:29 ET

goin home today

8 hours on a seedy ass greyhound.woohoo.

me and cierra hung out with this guy she met back in memphis when his band played the rally point,named duck

he was pretty cool,super dorky in a really cute way.

he and cierra doble teamed me trying to get me to stay,or move here soon.

wouldn't be bad

i've already got a few friends here,i like the city ok,or at least what i've seen of it.

i'll have to check out the school's and see what kind of grants i can get
cause if im going to go intoo debt over school,im going to make it worth while and in chicago


2007-11-07 17:21:04 ET

where do they want you to move? .. I'd say Chicago is probably 10x better (best guess)

2007-11-08 10:35:13 ET


it was pretty cool,a better version of memphis is all.

really the only thing keeping me from moving there is that it'd push my plans of going to chicago back.

2007-11-09 11:11:30 ET

Dallas is (as I've heard) pretty kick ass. Chicago's better.

2007-11-09 12:59:03 ET

it was pretty awesome.but yea,chicago's better.

however,i've already got friends in dallas,and its pretty cheap down there,except gas.

i guess it all depends on how there school's are.the art school shes going to was fucking awesome.

2007-11-10 08:58:38 ET

hmmm.! either way I'm sure it'd be better than memphis

2007-11-10 12:25:03 ET


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