2007-11-20 13:19:57 ET

had toget up at 8 am yesterday

my bro took me to the docs office

i dont know what that cray fucking theripst put in my files,
but they treated me like i was fucking insane
refused to give me the depo shot because it increases anxiety and depression

they had two doctors see me,instead of one
they kept alluding to my being sick and my shortness of breath being the result of an anxiety problem
it couldnt be that i smoke a pack a day and the air here is shit

one of them made an underhanded comment about my piercings being "self mutilation"

they gave me more BC some antibiotics,some antihistamines,and some shit for my "anxiety problems"

but,i couldnt afford any of it,because i wont be getting my check til the 30th,instead of yesterday for some bulshit reason

went to my moms house,found out my g-ma(whos the only one really working in that house) lost her job.

which means they'll be asking for alot of money from me soon.

money i dont have

when i got home,
my cat was dead.

2007-11-20 23:43:48 ET

Sounds like a real shitty day, and I'm sorry it sucked that much.

It's none of my business really, but because I used to be a sex ed teacher/clinic counselor I am curious about what you said regarding the depo shot. You are already prescribed and using a regular BC with no negative side affects, and they wouldn't let you have the shot? What they say is true and if you had unpleasant reactions to the shot it would REALLY suck for a long time. It's a point of no return really, 'cause once they inject that shit it's running it's course in your system, so maybe it was for the better, but I'm just interested because the shot essentially has the same shit that a pill or something would have and if you are doing fine on that then why wouldn't they budge? Did they say anything about your shortness of breath being perhaps because of the BC?

2007-11-21 07:06:23 ET

they blamed it on my "anxiety problems"
the theripist that i went to told me i didnt need theripy,but what ever she put in my files obviously says other wise.

i've taken the pill for a while now,with only positive results(gained some weight,helped my skin,ect.)

the place i went to is christian run,so there a little off.

they gave me a list of places that would give me the shot,but they themselfs refused

2007-11-21 21:27:21 ET

Yeah, Christian run. That tells me everything I'd need to know. I had thought to ask it, but dismissed it, thinking you seemed like the type to avoid that. And also, it's always recommended not to take any hormonal method if you smoke regularly because of it's affect on your cardio-vascular system. If you're having shortness of breath, I hope you're sure it's not the BC.

2007-11-22 17:52:10 ET

yea i'm positive its not the bc

and the place i go to is my oly option,i've never had insurance and it takes the working poor so i pay on a sliding scale

2007-11-22 20:14:02 ET

There's no other clinic to go to? Planned Parenthood even?

2007-11-23 21:29:45 ET

theres only one planned parenthood here,and its always so busy and exspensive.this clinic provides full healthcare mental,physical,optical,and dentistry.all the clinics here are church run,and unfortunatly this is the best one.theres a major healthcare problem in this city,so im extreamly lucky to get what i do.i've been on a waiting list for a dentist for over a year now.

2007-11-23 23:04:17 ET

Full health care is pretty awesome and I think I see what you're saying.

2007-11-24 13:15:43 ET

yea.you take what you can get i guess,its some shit but its certainly better than nothing.

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