2007-12-07 13:41:53 ET

so,my friend had to go back up to our old high school today to take her gateway exams.she had found a loopole in the system that says if you were in resource(special ed or whatever you may call it)for a certain amout of time,all you have to have to graduate with a normal diploma is all your gateways completed.

while there taking them,she was discussing with her former teacher the fact that if you are recognised as being dislexic,as i am, and had gone to resource for it,which i refused to do,then the only diploma you could hope for was a special ed diploma,that no college will accept.

the teacher informed her that that is no longer the case AND on top of that,they now recognize discalculia,the math form of dislecia.


not only did i have to refuse what little help they could afford me all through out high school,for fear of not being able to go to college(the one thing i have always dreamed of doing.)but now you tell me the reason i droped out of high school is no longer a problem?!

i could never get tested for discalculia bacause enone of the three school boards surrounding me recognized it,and i couldnt afford the private test.

i had not one but TWO seprate math teachers ask me to get tested,without knowlege that was dislexic.

i could handle being dislexic in school.it was hard and i felt fucking retarded,but i could deal and got through all my classes reasonably well.

but i just can't fucking comprehend numbers,and get numbers and letters together?


thanks memphis city schools,fucking my over since 1993.

oh,i also got my acceptance letter to college today.
take THAT fuckers.

2007-12-08 23:52:34 ET

Man i feel so fucking far away from any kind of higher education other than highschool. I need some goals seriously.

2007-12-11 11:29:27 ET

youd be kickass at sound engeneering

2007-12-11 20:10:59 ET

hahaha sound engineering. how do you figure that.

2007-12-11 20:12:44 ET

it the technical term for music production.

2007-12-11 20:19:55 ET

Yea i learned alot about it yesterday when recording with dude from The firm foundation. It's pretty intresting but I don't got money to spend on equipment and shit right now.

2007-12-12 18:13:58 ET

meh,get a good scholorship and itll pay for it all.

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