last night...
2008-01-26 15:05:05 ET

was quite interesting.

alyssa got drunk and procedded to beat the shit out of this guy who had stole a buch of shit at our 4th of july party.

he ran away and literally told on her to the guy who had orginized the show.

so then he and i almost got into a fight.

luckily whitney seemed to be the smart one of the night and diffused the whole situation.

the guy(jacob) came up,hugged me and apologized profusly.

then this girl tried to beat up shay after he had pulled his shitfaced friend off of her(they were making out,after she had just made out with 2 other people in succsesion) while screaming "gonnahrea" at him.dont ask me where that came from.
she made a compleate ass out of herself,and didnt seem to realize when the band and pretty much everyone in the pit was chanting std's at her.

then while walking home one of my best friends tried to fuck me.


2008-01-27 20:53:02 ET

This is what kills local venues.

2008-01-28 00:06:08 ET

no,i think thats the cops.

2008-01-28 02:12:30 ET

And what do you think brings cops to shows? Random kids getting into fights frequently? Yeah. Don't get me wrong. I've been guilty of it, too. But that kind of drama and fighting is seriously what gets them shut down. The owners don't want to deal with that shit.

2008-01-29 07:55:39 ET

actually,the place we were at is a shithole little bar which is known for those kinds of a neighborhood where the cops dont really come most cases what your saying would be true.

2008-01-30 00:31:56 ET

I remember when my favorite venue got shut down. When I heard it was because of all the fights and drunk underagers, I felt AWFUL. (I was about nineteen at the time, usually drunk, and had gotten into two fights at this place. Though I still say they were perfectly justified fights.)

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