2008-01-30 17:42:48 ET

my roommate fucking skipped town...

he's also one of my best friends brother...

we didnt find out till he was almost to branson,mossorri


so im lookin for 2 new roomates,cause we're kicking the other out.

im havin an extreamly fucked up night...

2 dogs mauled so far...

2008-01-30 19:29:25 ET

I'll totally move in.

2008-01-30 23:10:13 ET

for real?

2008-01-31 06:47:11 ET

well 250 isnt hard for me to make in a week and if there is still a spot open when i get my license im gonna bring it up to my parents.

2008-01-31 12:56:16 ET

hells yea.
i try my best to make sure.
livin with you would be sweet.

2008-01-31 17:45:59 ET

yes not too shabby.

2008-02-04 11:07:50 ET


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