2008-02-25 08:32:41 ET

so,i got the job as a lingerie model,i gotta call them today to see when they start.

a good friend of mine got caught smuggiling shit into the pen. the other day,to a "friend" of his who had gone down for some stupid ass dea they were doing out of the little ceasars they oth worked at.his "friend" turned him in,we dont know why,and the feds showed up at the house he was doing construction on.he's cooperating.

see,on one hand,i think this'll be good for him.he obviously needs something to scare the shit out of him.since he cant seem to think properly on his own.

on the other,hesone of my best friends.

hes facing a maximum of 20 years,a minimum of a year of probation.

2008-02-25 09:17:40 ET

wow thats a complete BULLSHIT range of pussibilites. 1yr probi to 20 yrs lockup fuck that!

2008-02-26 13:18:46 ET

keep in mind this is tennessee.

2008-02-26 13:37:55 ET

yeah and im in georgia, i know how fucked the south is, but i never thought to this degree. i had buddy get fucked with transport of meth across state lines and only got 6 years.
so what did those kids get in trouble of doing in the first place?

2008-02-27 14:13:15 ET

selling pot out of a little ceasars.
his friend was the only one to legally go down for it though.

2008-02-27 14:54:38 ET

he might get a really long probation sentence, community service, and drug counseling.

there are people doing far worse things than selling a little pot, so its doubtful he'll get jail time, and he is white right? if so that might help out a little considering its the south and all, but of course if he get a black probation officer then he's fucked regardless, cuz well racism is an inherit part of the system that governs things, especially in the south.

2008-02-27 15:16:45 ET

its technically his first offence,since he recently turned 18,so he might get off pretty easy.

i donno,just gonna watch how this all pans out.

2008-02-27 15:24:17 ET

if its his first offense, then yes he will get what i mentioned above.

2008-02-27 16:05:01 ET

depends on how well he cooperates.

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