2008-03-12 10:14:55 ET

at work.

god i hate this job.

the more and more i work in radio the more and more i want out.

but i quit,and then miss it and always go back.

i donno.
im starting to hate most of the people who work in it as well.
they just seem so fake.
alot worse than it used to be.

i need a new job badly.
one that doesnt involve comouters and shitty music and sitting on your ass.

i need to be up and moving.

2008-03-12 18:13:46 ET

Johny Brusco's Hacks Cross fool. If was maybe given the gas money I could give you a ride now and then.

2008-03-15 17:38:25 ET


i shall seriously consider this...

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