2008-04-03 13:48:29 ET


bomb the music industry and the queers are playing in nashville in june and im super fucking excited.

i need a good show real soon.

i'm increadibly axious today,mainly because i had to sit at table today with a boy i detest and pretend everything was hunky-dorey for my b/f's sake(he's one of his best friends)

it kills me inside not to put a fork in his eye.

here lately it feels like my chest and stomach are locking up together to form this big metal thing in me.
i hate it so.

my birthdays next weekend.
wish me luck?

2008-04-03 18:09:19 ET

Have a great birthday, please come to our show. It's at South Park and we prob won't be playing till 9 or 10 ish.

2008-04-07 19:53:41 ET

i am.

y are you guys training a new lead gutarist?

2008-04-07 19:53:42 ET

i am.

y are you guys training a new lead gutarist?

2008-04-10 12:47:55 ET

The Queers are still around? Man, I haven't listened to them in a heck of a long time...

Great... now I have Granola-Head stuck in my head...
*wanders off to find the c.d.*

2008-04-14 12:37:44 ET

i didnt either!
im so excited

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