2009-01-04 20:20:25 ET

i would like to revise the post below,where it asks if anyone close to you has died in '08.
at exactly 11:28 on dec.31 2008 a kid i grew up with was hit and killed on his motorcycle by a drunk driver.

it wasn't enough that he was drug some 10 feet by his bike,but once he hit the pole his bike proceeded to catch fire,with him pinned beneath.

ha.funerals tomorrow.everyone i grew up with will be big drunk happy reunion.

ive already had quite a few drunkin 3 am visits.


2009-01-04 20:45:36 ET

Very sorry for your loss :/

I have to admit I'd be completely crushed.

2009-02-01 19:18:07 ET


it sucked alot,by far the worst funeral ive ever been too.

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