2009-03-08 10:10:58 ET

watchmen was good,for the most part.i rly hated how they ended it tho.
and i know i should really hate Rorschach,but hes suck a badass i just cant.

got my first tattoo last night,on the tops of my feet going up to my ankles.it makes me happy.

New Orleans tomorrow.hooray!

2009-03-08 11:59:48 ET

damn i wanna see watchmen. you're the first to say that it's good. sad that the ending is bad. the ending in the comic is awesome!

btw you have the best picts.

2009-03-10 21:29:53 ET

I want to see your tattoo. How's new orleans?

2009-03-11 05:35:55 ET

i mean,everybody knew that they were going to fuck up the book.but as a movie it was good,except the ending


new orleans is pretty much just a drunker memphis actually.with prettier houses and fancier fast food places.idk,i didnt expect to see palm trees here,it kinda threw me off

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