2009-04-02 07:00:08 ET

i'm hoping yesterday was just some real big april fools joke.

my roommate got served with a summons to court over the shit with our rent.which we paid.in the two years we've rented from this company we have never been late on our rent.we have never cause problems with our neighbors,or been much of a general nuisance.yet,they're claiming we didnt pay our rent,and instead of going through all of the solutions as outlined in our lease they've been lieing to us on the phone and already filed for eviction proceedings.did i mention they completely misspelled her name,and left me off of it entirely?

so,while were waiting for the money order we paid for to be traced were both packing our shit.

i get to move back in with my mother.yay.

2009-04-02 12:45:45 ET

Tell me you keep receipts.

2009-04-06 07:51:54 ET

yea we do.idk how the fuck these people think their going to get away with this.

2009-04-07 18:05:10 ET

fucking a....
that's crazy. Good you have your receipt .

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