2009-04-08 08:28:27 ET


so,some guy that i kinda know from my film class just randomly showed up in my international relations class today,and claims he's been in it all semester.i swear to god ive never seen him in that class before.

then,we get to talking after class and hes claiming we went to high school together as well...

i ask general probing questions of who he hung out with and what teachers did he have.he claims to have had almost all the teachers i did,and in fact knew a few people i knew in high school.but i dont remember him at all.

so,either he's an incredibly thorough stalker, or im just a really bad person and dont remember this kid at all...

i think,though, that i would remember someone that creepy.

2009-04-08 10:48:27 ET

hes a fucking stalker. tell him to go fuck himself with a twirling lawnmower.

2009-04-08 12:20:46 ET

I don't know, there's plenty of people from my HS that wouldn't remember me in their classes. I was always the quiet guy in the corner trying to NOT be noticed. That'd explain why you didn't remember him and why he's a creep.

2009-04-12 18:45:39 ET

yea,see im not really surprised i dont remember him from high school.but hes just randomly showing up in classes of mine hes never been too before.so yea.pretty sure hes a creepy stalker man.

2009-04-12 19:07:07 ET

hit it then quit it girl

2009-04-12 19:31:18 ET

i dont wanna hit it!

2009-04-12 19:35:33 ET


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