2009-04-12 18:53:32 ET

had a good birthday.friends threw me a surprise party saturday night.i fell into the closet and then beat the shit out of some drunk asshole later in the night.

alyssa made me dead baby earrings,which are now my most prized possession.

got fucked up and played house of the dead 5 with ppl i hadn't seen in a while.

they made me a pirate ship b-day cake,which ill post pictures of later.also,instead of singing me happy birthday every one sand bohemian raspody(sp?).awesome.

i realized last night that i have a total of 3 chick friends. the rest was about 20 or more boys.total sausage fest lol.

2009-04-13 11:07:09 ET

oh man, send some of those chicks over.

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