2009-06-05 15:31:34 ET

finally joined stickam.com at james request.

in my first 5 sec. online i had 4 boys ask me if i "liked to watch"


also,lots of /b/ fags on there

2009-06-05 15:59:59 ET

I've never heard of any girls that liked watching a guy slap his monkey.

2009-06-05 19:04:24 ET

Are there naughties shown on there?

(Not necessarily yours...but in general.)

2009-06-05 22:43:36 ET

Yea professor drunk wants to know...i wonder why.

2009-06-06 14:16:17 ET

Hey, it's a valid question.

2009-06-06 14:17:39 ET

Pornhub.com all you need.

2009-06-13 21:45:23 ET

lol yes it seems lots of girls like to sit around naked on that site.enjoy.

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