2009-06-18 16:39:52 ET

aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sunburn.

but,ill have a bitchin tan when it finally goes away.i went swimming in bumfuck collierville the other day w some friends and fried.i can wear pants or tops with straps on them,so currently i look like a hoochie.

on the plus side,a hobo today told me he liked my swagger and then sang to me,so i gave him a cig.

2009-06-18 17:08:52 ET

Don't hate on the ville. I'm going to see how white and skinny and junkie looking I can stay all summer.

2009-06-18 18:37:44 ET

good day.

2009-06-20 02:43:20 ET

How is collierville bumfuck. Although small and nothing's really going on and it's mostly upscale suburban housing it's 100% better than almost anywhere in shitty fucking Memphis.

2009-06-20 16:40:10 ET

it was on the other side of collierville where the closet neighbor is at least a mile and every one has horses and uses golf carts to get around.

the houses may be better than memphis,but i'd take my shitty neighborhood over fuckin collierville any day.everythings so damn clean and prefabricated and everyones the same.at least memphis is interesting.

2009-06-20 19:03:38 ET

Colliervilles alot more complicated than it looks.

2009-06-21 12:37:02 ET

im sure it is.i tend to stay away from neighborhoods where i get cased by he cops every single time im there.

2009-06-22 01:11:46 ET


2009-06-22 09:13:59 ET

why am i getting cased?
cause my boyfriend drives a shitty car and were weird lookin i guess.idk.

2009-06-22 16:08:52 ET

I'm sorry I'm not trying to get on your case. Personally, I like collierville, tho boring at times. I just get tired of kids talking about collierville like it's the worst place in the world.

2009-06-24 14:07:46 ET

imean its cool if you like quiet and that kinda stuff.just not for me.

2009-06-25 08:02:39 ET

Yea well the world is fucking crazy. And memphis is full of ignorance and loud motherfuckers and I really enjoy the peace as of lately.

2009-06-25 16:42:48 ET

Yo was it Pat cox that asked you to do foot porn?

2009-06-25 16:52:37 ET


2009-06-25 18:32:25 ET


2009-06-26 13:50:11 ET

>.< i feel dirty when i talk to him now.

2009-06-26 16:40:01 ET

fucking wierdo.

2009-06-27 18:10:56 ET


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