2009-07-18 17:58:37 ET

bomb the music industry on july 23
andrew jackson jihad on august 16
AND static-x on sept 10th


2009-07-18 18:14:55 ET

where is andrew jackson jihad playing? damnit fuck.

2009-07-18 18:27:38 ET

doesnt say yet.but ill let you know.
im so excited ^^

2009-07-18 18:30:20 ET

me too man. is he from arizona? because when we were there this dude scott was saying he is always seeing them play.

2009-07-18 18:49:01 ET

yea hes from arizona,im pretty sure.hes got a song about it.

2009-07-18 18:54:10 ET

Ive only ever heard what has been on at peoples houses or whatever so i dont know his music.

2009-07-18 18:57:43 ET

you should,hes awesome.

2009-11-03 18:12:53 ET

andrew jackson jihad = best shit i've heard in years

2009-11-06 13:19:22 ET

damn right.hes my hero.

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